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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Interpol Wants Mikhail Gutseriev

Open Gallery...Apr. 03, 2008 - Kommersant - The name of Russneft ex-chief Mikhail Gutseriev could be found at the official web of Interpol, the wanted list. It has the red mark, signaling the suspect should be detained to decide on his extradition to the country that issued the arrest warrant. Russia wants Gutseriev for fraud and money laundering, the web specifies. The enforcement bodies know whereabouts of Gutseriev, Oleg Logunov from the RF Interior Ministry’s Investigating Committee said April 2. According to the data available to Russia’s detectives, Gutseriev is in Britain, visiting Azerbaijan from time to time. Gutseriev is charged with tax evasion and illegal entrepreneurship. He was added to the wanted list August 24, 2007 and the warrant for his arrest was issued August 26, 2007 due to the violation of not-to-leave recognizance. Gutseriev had declared the sale of Russneft a month prior to those events. Russia currently demands from Britain to extradite a number of persons for various crimes. London granted political asylum to Boris Berezovsky, Ahmed Zakaev and a few top-managers of Yukos, having concluded that all of them were persecuted for political reasons. People in the Interpol National Bureau at the RF Interior Ministry specified that Gutseriev has been in the wanted list of Interpol since late 2007, Interfax reported. The web of Interpol shows his photo of 2007; the file number is 44537.

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